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How did you discover Raven’s Brew?

“My story is very simple: we were out grocery shopping and while looking for a “new” coffee to try I spied a bag of Wicked Wolf. Being as in love with Grimm’s fairy tales as I am, I thought “this has got to be the coffee for me” and bought a bag just for the look of it. A year later it is the only coffee I drink; unless I am not at home and I have to “suffer” with regular ~lacking in personality~ coffees. This stuff is the most addicting coffee I have ever had! Beyond amazing!!”
—K. Faircloth, Clyde, North Carolina

“I was on summer vacation with my fiancé and my best girlfriend in Payson, a mountain town on the Mogollon Rim in Arizona. We stopped by a little coffee shop for a pick me up before more hiking and fishing adventures, and I saw all of the amazing artwork for the Raven's Brew Coffee. There was a map on the wall of where each coffee originated, and I of course was drawn to the red line that led to a picture of a skeleton. I immediately knew I had to try it (I have a penchant for the darker things in life.) The employees were kind enough to brew us up some single cups of a few coffees, and I tried the Resurrection Blend first. It was great, but then came the Deadman came walking. I have never in my life been able to stand straight black coffee, I have always found it way too bitter and unpleasant unless I put ridiculous amounts of half and half in. I drink a cup of Deadman's Reach black every morning now. It. Is. Wonderful!!! Thank you so much for making such a splendidly dark brew, with artwork to match! It makes my strange heart happy.”
—A. Collins, Canyon, Texas

“Like many new products I buy, it was the label of Dead Man's Reach that caught my eye, sitting right there next to 3-Peckered Billy Goat. I mean, really, if a someone is bold enough to market a product with names like that I figure it has to be pretty special or pretty awful. I am fairly picky about my coffee, and unlikely to follow coffee trends just because they are a trend. That being said, I love the rich deep flavor of DMR, the round spicy flavor of 3PBG, and have recently tried (and thoroughly enjoyed Wicked Wolf and the aptly named Resurrection). Add that this is a Pacific NW, okay, and Alaska, product, just adds to the reasons I continue to enjoy Raven's Brew coffees! I will continue trying other Raven's Brew roasts but to date my favorite remains Dead Man's Reach.”
—H. Dixon, Pullman, Washington

“I am a truck driver here in washington and I had stopped for a break at the ‘red mountain coffee’ shop at the summit of Snoqualmie pass and got a cup of what was brewing and saw the ‘Grin and Bear It’ T-shirt they had on display. My kid’s school mascot is the Bruin so I just had to have it.
“Needless to say I have been buying the Bruin Blend and Deadman’s Reach ever since. Thanks Ravens Brew for making such great coffee that we all can relate to and enjoy.”
—N. Matthews, Everett, Washington

“My story started the same way as that of K. Johnson, Snowmass, Colorado. In 2002, after an extensive Alaskan cruise, we docked in Ketchikan. Leaving the ship to visit the area, there was an aroma of coffee of which I have never experienced. There it was, Ravens Brew, …Dead Man's Reach. Unfortunately the experienced was short lived,… after almost OD'ing on Ravens Brew, we had to leave. Fast forward some 11 years, while looking for ancestor cemeteries, we stopped in Winchester, TN. Needing directions, we stopped in the town square and found a coffee shop. WHAM,.... The aroma of coffee brought back "Memories of Ravens Brew"!!!.. Lucky, lucky,… this coffee shop served ONLY Ravens Brew. Better yet, it was Dead Man's Reach! I sweet talked the owner out of a pound to take home. I have found the source of this fantastic coffee. Since then, I have kept myself and my Nephew supplied with Raven's Brew,…. Of course being partial to Dead Man's Reach! DON'T LOSE THE RECEIPE.”
—H. House, Houston, Texas

“When my husband and I were in Washington for our honeymoon, we stopped in at a random shop. I instantly fell in love with the art. I just had to get Raven's Brew! Additionally, I loved the fact that the coffee was brewed locally. I hope to one day get all the shirts, posters, and stock my kitchen to the brim with RBC. Love It!”
—C. Morgan, Andalusia, Alabama

“My wife and I were on a Alaska Inland Passage Princesses cruise & stopped in Ketchikan...got off the ship to walk the wharf and shop/expolore......and as I strolled the local shops...the most amazing aroma came whafting across my nose...wow! My nose did the rest...and my feet followed my nose into the shop to purchase my 1st and not last cup of heavenly coffee. I'm hooked! And so are my friends who love coffee. Thanks for creating heaven in cup.”
—K. Johnson, Snowmass, Colorado

“When i first had ravens brew coffee i was on a cruise in Alaska. I had bought a chocolate bar with coffee beans in it in one of the cities we visited and it was amazing. I still remember the logo on the wrapper and noticed it was made with ravens brew coffee beans. Almost 10 years later, i stumbled upon the coffee section of Whole Foods and immediately recognized the Ravens brew. I was so excited i bought one... then another..and then 3 more... My family loves them as well and for my birthday this year i was surprised by 3 packs of my favorite brew!”
—Alexandra B., Wayne, Pennsylvania

“I was working for a small billing company a few years ago and one of the girls I worked with brought in bags of raven's brew for our coffee pot. I loved smelling the coffee when it was brewing. I always new when she brought a bag in. She also set me up with a great raven's brew t-shirt because she new I loved the coffee so much. Recently I've gone out to the grocery store out at Steam Boat Island and found that they had dark chocolate coffee bars, my husband and I love coffee and dark chocolate so we had to try it. We put it in the freezer and had it with some milk, it was amazing! We love the raven!”
—S. Boyd, Littlerock, Washington

“About ten years ago we were in Brown County, Indiana for a family vacation and I really needed a cup of coffee. As I was a dedicated patron of the other coffee (the one that starts with S) I was a little irritated that I could find none. Wandered into a coffee shop that featured Ravens Brew and I was hooked. First of all the artwork dazzled me. I had never seen anything like it for coffee. Beautiful and funny, I loved it immediately. Tried the Deadman's Reach and loved it! Made my afternoon so much better. I have been a fan and a customer ever since and have told many coffee people about your coffee. Even while an employee of the S place! I have all your posters framed and on the walls. One day, I will break down and order the hoodie. I have wanted it for years!”
—J. McGuire, Broomfield, Colorado

“It was a long time ago, in a country far - far away. I was traveling in my truck and slide-in camper on my way to Tok, AK and to travel all the major roads of AK for the next month when I stopped at a provincial park in the northern Yukon territory. Across the street from the park was a small coffee/sandwich/sporting goods shop. I was very thirsty for a 'good' cup of java. I saw the RAVEN'S Brew sign out front that peeked my interest. Upon entering, I was overwhelmed by the smell of a wonderfully brewing coffee, and I just HAD to have a cup. I did, and I was elated at the smoothness, strong - yet not biting, taste of excelsior coffee. I kept the cup in my truck for 10,000 miles until I could get back to Michigan where I immediately went to the web site and ordered my first of MANY 5-lb bags of whole bean coffee. I've bragged about this coffee ever since, served it up often to my friends and family, and watched with satisfaction their responses - "wow", "smooth", "great flavor". And, on it goes..............”
—W. Courliss, Union City, Michigan

“I found this coffee at my favorite little coffee company in Vernonia Oregon... The Black Bear Coffee Company is the best place in the world to not only get amazing coffee but the food is great too!! Best coffee in the WORLD!!”
—H. Colley, Johnson City, Tennessee

“I just moved to Fairbanks, AK from Italy. My brother and his wife from San Diego came to visit last August. We were headed to Denali and stopped at Gold Hill coffee stop, just outside of Fairbanks, and got some coffee. We all agreed that it was the BEST coffee that we had ever had! We kept going back for more coffee, then I found a place that sells it (the feed store in Fairbanks), so now I buy it and send to them, I shared it with my other brother in Iowa, and drink it whenever i can. It's the best coffee I've ever drank!”
—D. Norton, Fairbanks, Alaska

“It was 1997 (or thereabouts) and I was spending a weekend in Lake George, NY. A friend and I were wandering around the village when I stated that I could use a cup of joe. We took not more than 3 steps and she cried out 'Look'! Down an alley was a store sign, gleaming like a beacon in the night... 'Cup Of Joe'. An epiphany! Egads! I was both amazed and astounded! We were drawn into the store by the beacon-like sign. I took my place on the line, which was quite long for a small store (a testament to your coffee perhaps?) and as I stood waiting I was mesmerized by several posters for something called Deadmans Reach. The picture was quite intriguing. My trancelike state was suddenly broken by a local Sheriffs Deputy who was at the counter asking the girls who worked there what the type of coffee was that they had given him earlier? They told him 'Deadmans Reach... why'? He said 'That stuff is going to have me patrolling until 3am'! They told him that was good, and he replied 'But I get off at midnight'! Piqueing my curiosity further was the fellow in front of me in the line. He was an older fellow, and he strongly reminded me of Aqualung, the grungy old guy from the Jethro Tull album. When the girl at the counter asked him what he wanted he said in what can be best described as a pirate-like voice 'Two cups of Deadmans Reach'. When they handed it to him, he clutched one cup in each hand, holding them to his chest while looking around warily to see if someone was going to try to take his treasure from him. He also had a slightly insane smile in his face. My turn! I was so taken by what I was seeing that when the girl asked me what I was having, I was barely able to croak out 'I'll have a Deadmans Reach please' while raising my index finger weakly as to further the point. I got my cup, went outside and not knowing what to expect, sat on a bench (mostly for safety reasons). I removed the lid from the cup. I was met by a wonderful aroma, and braced myself for my first sip. Eureka! What a delight! Where have you been all my life?? I was in love and nothing would ever be the same again! At least not until I found your website and started sampling your other fine coffees! Today I find myself making different Ravens Brew blends on different days. While I still love 'Reach', I also found and fell in love with Resurrection Blend, Skookum, and Three Peckered Billy Goat, which happens to be my daughters favorite (boy, I tell ya there's mixed emotions with that one!). I always have some on hand, and every now and then I take some Deadmans Reach to work, sneak it into the coffee pot, and sit back and watch! Amazing! Thank you Ravens Brew!!”
—T. Woliver, Walden, New York

“I have been racking my brain trying to think of what to get my Dad for X-Mas & then it hit me! He discovered your coffee years ago & just raved about it! He has a lot of the artwork I think this will be the perfect gift! [My dad] is going to be a happy Man thanks to your coffee!!”
—A. Rubel, La Crosse, Wisconsin

“I am a devoted follower of Deadliest Catch. When Capt Phil Harris was alive, he had a coffee company on the side. He had both a French roast and an Italian roast to die for. I would buy the beans in 5 lb sacks. Since his passing, the coffee went away and I'd been searching for a replacement. (I may live in the Seattle area, but can't stand S*******!). The Port Gamble Cafe started serving Raven's Brew, and I was HOOKED!! I have since started getting my DC friends hooked on your coffee. And you'll never guess what their Kissymist presents will be!! Thank YOU!!”
—A. Rudman, Kingston, Washington

“It's not a special story or anything... I was browsing Facebook one day after punching in the random word "Raven" (as I simply love that bird...), and lo and behold, your page came up, which led me to your website. I loved what I saw, and proceeded to order Wicked Wolf for myself and for a Christmas present to the Wolf in my life... :) About a week later, I discovered that a local grocery (Fresh Market) carries your products, so now I'm set for life. :) I am enjoying a cup of Raven's Brew right now. :) Keep up the good work!”
—H. Gibson, Sarasota, Florida

“A gift for my husband became my quest. Finding something unusual he would love or enjoy would be very difficult. He was home, holding down the fort, while I was visiting my Mother in Corvallis, Oregon. She suggest we visit the coast and so my story begins. It was a beautiful August afternoon, and after walking along the ocean we went down to the quaint little town of "Newport". As I walked in and out of adorable shops, filled with souvenirs of all types, nothing caught my eye. I was about to give up when upon leaving a small shop I noticed a display of coffees. My husband loves coffee!!! I think I read every bag. The shop owner explained to me that this coffee was made in Alaska, and he took the time to explain some of the different flavors. I bought a bag,"Grin & Bear It", brought it home, and my husband has been drinking it every since. He makes a point each morning to tell me how much he is enjoying it. I have discovered a gold mine or should I say a coffee mine. I am so glad I can order Raven's Brew on line and will be doing so often. Oh, Raven's Brew will also be Christmas presents for several of my family and friends.”
—C. Smith, Macomb, Michigan

“Walking in the local Haggen Supermarket, spotted the Ravens Brew line of coffee on the top shelf of the packaged coffee area. Got some of the Dead Mans Reach blend. (because I had actually been near there fishing once.) Brewed up a batch. Best damn coffee I have ever had. Period.”
—D. Ryan, Mt. Vernon, Washington

“My wife and I found Raven's Brew when we walked off the ship and hit the Ketchikan Coffee Company. And have loved it ever since.”
—M. Keevil, Winter Garden, Florida

“In the early 1990's, I worked in Bristol Bay in a small local health clinic, in South Naknek, Alaska, during the salmon fishing season. I treated a fisherman for an infection of his hand which required him to receive Intravenous medications every six hours for several days. He expressed his appreciation of our care of his hand by sending some coffee from Raven's Brew. He said his sister worked there and that we would love the coffee. His hand healed and we were hooked on the wicked wolf coffee and other blends of coffee. I returned to work at the clinic for several years where we brewed only Raven's Brew coffee in the clinic and offered it to our patients and locals who would stop into the clinic. It's the only coffee I drink in Phoenix. Raven's Brew always brings back good memories of fishing seasons in South Naknek.”
—R. Wood, Phoenix, Arizona

“Many years ago in Northern Michigan I spotted a now infamous tee shirt that simply stated Ain't No Nookie Like Chinookie. The shirt was too small so I passed. One day while sitting at my computer I decided I wanted that tee shirt. Well low and behold when I typed in Ain't no Nookie it took me to Ray Troll's web site which lead me to Raven's Brew. Seven years and three shirts later my wife Princess Queenie and I still enjoy our Ravens Brew. Now in our sixties we only drink Raven's Brew on the week-ends when we are up north. We figure this way it will keep our love strong. The tee shirt has become somewhat "Prophetical" but after one or two cups of Three Peckered Billy Goat, I got Princess Queenie on the run!”
—J. Bennage, St. Clair Shores, Michigan

“Today I've experienced my very first cup of Raven's Brew! I am the proverbial coffee snob - I am not a fan of "a highly marketed" brand of coffee as, truly, that's all it is.. ingenious marketing without an ingenious product... I order my brews on line from Costa Rica, the Dominican and Mexico.... and NOW with this find I will be ordering my coffee from Alaska! This coffee is fantastic! So.. how did I find this coffee all the way from little Rocky River Ohio??? I went on a cruise! We stopped at Ketchikan and then I stopped at a store and then I consulted with the store clerk and then I bought coffee, 2 actually... Since I am always looking for my next "favorite" coffee, this looked interesting and smelled pretty darn good! She assured me I would not be disappointed.. and I am NOT! I love it and can't wait to start my day tomorrow (as I reenter the workforce.. aka come back from vacation...) with this brew! Plus the artwork is really kinda cool...”
—T. Adams, Rocky River, Ohio

“I found it in the gift shop of Northwest Trek – a grandmotherly gift shop cashier recommended the "Three Peckered Billygoat"! I was visiting my sister (who lives just down the road from NW Trek and discovered that WA has more than just cool animals; it's got some great coffee and people with my kind of snark humor! I've been an ardent admirer of Raven's Brew since that trip... thanks for keeping me conscious!”
—T. Richter, Goleta, California

“I had the extreme pleasure of discovering Raven's Brew totally by accident, which is the best way to discover most things you really like. I'm a professional musician (I play acoustic guitar for Tim McGraw) and I hit a lot of coffee shops in the country while on tour. Well, I had a few days off, so I went back home to my little hometown of DeSoto, MO to visit my parents. As a good husband, I hit the local Main Street antique shops to find a unique gift for my wife, just because I really dig her (I met her by accident too). It was nearing 6 PM and the shop was closing, so I told them I'd be back tomorrow. However, my head turned to see the most beautiful sight - shelves full of this wonderful new coffee I had never heard of before - Raven's Blend. The owner Bob and his wife actually made a pot on the spot (Wicked Wolf blend btw), and it was absolute bean bliss! I ended up buying 4 bags of coffee - 3 "Three Peckered Goat" and 1 "Dead Man's Reach". I'm giving two of the Three Peckered Goat bags to a couple guys in the band who are serious about their coffee as well. The other two are for me and me alone. Did I get the gift for my wife? Alas no, that happened the next day. But I did manage to discover the coolest and best tasting coffee I have came across, and got the T-shirt to prove it. Thank you Raven's Blend for making my life a little more robust and flavorful. All because I was trying to be a good husband...”
—Bob Minner, Mount Juliet, Tennessee

“Anyone who has ever met me knows that a safe bet for any gift-giving occasion is good coffee beans. I have been ordering coffee online [mail order] since back when it was unheard of (late 70s). I am willing to go to rather extraordinary lengths to feed my obsession such as ordering directly from private roasters around the US. I have never been lucky enough to visit Alaska, but a friend vacationed there a couple of years agoand brought back Christmas gifts that included samplers of Deadman's Reach, Three-Peckered Billy Goat, and the House Blend. From the minute I brewed my first pot of Deadman's Reach, I knew I was home. I immediately sat down at my computer and placed a rather large order of different blends to try for myself as well as a 50th birthday gift for a very dear friend. As of this moment, my absolute special-place-in-my-heart favorite is Wicked Wolf... with a close second being a tie between Deadman's Reach and Bruin's Blend. Quality. Terrifically inspired artwork. Twisted sense of humor. Raven's Brew has it all and more.”
—A. Kellen, Lorton, Virginia

“I first discovered ye Brew when I was seeking refuge on the Kenai Peninsula for 10 years. Now that I am back down here in this land lovers nightmare, I spend many a sleepless night yearning for a large steaming mug of your hardy brew! I had to trade my ship in for a 18 wheeled steel skiff in which I pillage and plunder the entire midwest in search of a grog worthy of comparison to your brew! Recently I had the great fortune of sending my 2 oldest offspring back to Alaska where they worked as Fish Pirates hauling in a great bounty Salmon. Upon their return they presented me with a gift greater than any treasure chest has ever held! A package of your Deadman's Reach Beans!!! AARRR I almost shed a tear as I patiently waited for the grog of the Gods to brew in my pot! Even if only for a brief time, I was able to sip your tasty brew from my favorite Jolly Roger mug and remember better times when I was able to cast my eyes upon Mt. Redoubt as the sun tried foolishly to set in the land of the mid-night sun!”
—Capt Bob the Pirate, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

“Nine years ago, I left Amsterdam, the city I was born and raised in, seeking adventure in the US of A. Seattle, Washington was my first home in America. My American husband assured me that Seattle was "Diet America" and that it would ease my culture shock (I am eternally grateful we moved there first and not somewhere like Texas; I may have packed my bags and gone back to Europe immediately :) ). If you know the Dutch, you know that we are very serious when it comes to our coffee. We are picky, we like it strong and we drink it any time of day. Post dinner coffee is a daily tradition in a Dutch household. Even though Seattle was the birthplace of a certain chain of very popular coffee shops, I could not get over how bad the coffee was this side of the Atlantic. I would often call the weak, almost see-through coffee being served in restaurants "Slootwater" (pond water in Dutch). Good, tasty coffee was something I missed about home very much. We tried coffee shop after coffee shop, but I was still not satisfied. One day, we found a small, hole-in-the-wall coffee shop in West Seattle called Bird On A Wire. They exclusively served something called Ravensbrew. My eyes opened; WOW! Good coffee at last! Bird On A Wire and Ravensbrew coffee became my daily morning routine from that day on. My husband and I are adventurers and eventually moved on and away from Seattle. I had to order my Ravensbrew online. But like most adventurers, we eventually ended up in Alaska. Growing tired of the Gypsy life, we looked for a place to settle and Ketchikan, Alaska is it for us. Coincidence that it also happens to be the home of Ravensbrew coffee? Well, I'll leave that up to you to decide ;)”
—S. Bender, Ketchikan, Alaska

“The first time I discovered Ravens Brew had to be almost 9 years ago now. I was working as a mechanic for a local dealership and at night played drums in a jazz quartet in a wine bar. The manager at the bar had a travel mug with the Three Peckered Billy Goat label on it and was carrying it around while talking to the wait staff and band before opening for the night. I went up to the bar before rehearsal and asked him if I could get a cup of coffee and commented on his mug saying I liked the artwork and wanted to know where I could get one since I drink a lot of coffee through out the day. I was told that he had received it as a gift and that he was given a bag of the matching coffee at the same time. 'I am a tea drinker' he said 'and don't care much for coffee'. He left the bar and came back with the bag of coffee, 'it's yours if you want it the mug I'm sure you get from the same place'. I took it home with me and ground half the bag for pressing in the morning, from the way it smelled to the last sip it was like nothing else I had ever had. It sounds like a fairytale but it is the truth, I had never enjoyed a cup of coffee that much before. Since then I have tried the others blends offered and enjoyed them just as much if not more. My only wish was that a local bean house around me had it so I wouldn't have to wait like a kid a Christmas for the package to arrive. Thank you Ravens Brew for a quality product that is never disappointing and truly 'good to the last drop'.”
—M. Jandak, Nashua, New Hampshire

“It was 1999, my Missouri Army National Guard's 110th Engineer Combat Battalion's first rotation to Annette Island to help build their road. We flew into Ketchikan to catch a ferry to Annette Island. In the airport, there was a coffee shop with Raven's Brew coffee. I stopped for a cup of joe for the road. Needless to say, I was hooked, the best coffee I had ever and have ever tasted. I stopped by on the way home and got a large Latte and 4 postcards with the different coffees on each one. The cards are now kitchen decorations. In 2001, we came back to help finish the road and again, had to stop by both ways and get a cup. Great coffee made and brewed by great people.”
—C. Wheeler, Higbee, Missouri

“On July 11th, 2007, my wife and I had our first date at a coffee shop. We talked, drank coffee, talked, laughed, drank more coffee. The date in total lasted nine hours. It was awesome. I couldn't tell if my jitteriness was from the coffee or the fact I knew I had met the girl I was going to marry. Turns out it was both. On October 3rd, 2009 I married this awesome girl. Our journey together started with coffee and we continued to have this fascination for well-made coffees. We're snobs when it comes to it. No Folgers or Maxwell House in the Wilson family. Flash forward to June 2010, we decide to take our honeymoon to Vancouver, BC, Canada but we wanted to make it interesting. We journeyed by train 3-days from Charleston, WV to Seattle, WA. We stayed a couple of days in Seattle then took a rental car up to Vancouver. When we came back to Seattle we had to capture a flight back to Charleston. While in the Sea-Tac Airport, I realized that I was in a 'Mecca' of gourmet coffees and I didn't have any to take back with me. (I want to point out that I flat-out refused to drink St**** coffee—it is disgusting in my opinion) At the gift shop in the airport, this bag of coffee beans said DeadMan's Reach on it. It really stood out. Then my wife saw a bag that said Three-Peckered Billy Goat. We had to buy them! The names alone were reason but then I saw they were from a local company. Those are the types of businesses we tend to patronize because there is so much love put into their products. We were definitely not disappointed in our purchase. Im the one that makes coffee every morning in our household and when I opened the bag of DeadMan's Reach Beans, the aroma was like nothing I ever encountered. Call me cheesy but the aroma was 'inspiring'. That's the only word I can think of right now. It took me somewhere. The taste of the coffee was even more intense of an experience. You could taste love, passion, awesomeness in this coffee. My wife flipped out at how good the experience was. I say experience because good coffee should look good, smell good, taste good, finish good and leave you with your senses completely indulged, satisfied, and -dare I say- absolutely spent. When we were down to the last few pots-worth of beans, we decided to get online and order the sample pack of coffee to try the variations of awesomeness that Raven's Brew had to offer. My favorite would have to be the Wicked Wolf or the DeadMan's Reach. My wife's will either be the Three-Peckered Billy Goat or the Bruin Blend. To be completely honest, it's really hard to choose. We are proud of companies like yourselves that stick to your guns and refuse to shell out mediocre. Raven's Brew Coffee is amazing in every way and I have to say—my wife and I are lifelong customers. Thanks for being AWESOME!”
—J&A Wilson, Parkersburg, West Virginia

“My wife and I were on our honeymoon cruise to Southeast Alaska, and sampled your marvelous offerings in Juneau, and made it our quest to find more. Little did I know then that my college classmate, Ray Troll, had developed some of the artwork for your products. Not only are we thrilled with the art, we're overjoyed with the coffee, particularly the Bruin Blend. The flavor and aroma is beyond what we'd ever hoped for, and we will continue to regard the coffee as one of the true indulgences we allow ourselves. Bravo!”
—K. Wagoner, Escondido, California

“Once upon a time (about 1996), there was a magazine entitled ‘COFFEE’. The only issue I bought had a list of US roasters and Raven’s Brew was named. I figured a roaster named ‘Raven’s Brew’ had to be good and deserved a try, so I made my first order. Since then, I have pulled other coffee drinkers into my obsession mostly to defer shipping costs. Now, whenever good coffee comes up in conversation, I insist the other person try Raven’s Brew because there is none better.”
—E. Wright, El Reno, Oklahoma

“I was on a Princess cruise ship going to Alaska. The ship's coffee was awful, and it put me in a bad mood. Everytime I reached a port, I would search out a good cup of coffee. Ketchikan was where I experienced heaven with a Raven's Brew coffee! One sip of your coffee, and I started humming to myself and almost skipping down the road. I was revived!! I asked the clerk what brand the coffee was and went off to search around the town for bags of those beautiful beans. Who wants to pan for gold when Raven's Brew beans are out there to be found?? I bought as many as I could get through the airport with. (I even had one of the stores mail some home for me.) I was obsessed! I guarded those bags with my life. I didn't want to even show them to anyone. I knew they would want some of them, and sorry, I wasn't sharing. Once I hit the ground on the East coast, my mission was to get home to my computer and find out where I could buy those nirvana beans. I hit paydirt by typing in Raven's Brew, and placed my order. It should be here any day, thanks to your speedy service.”
—N. Clark, Newark, Delaware

“We were moving away from Detroit in mid-2008 and had been wanting to visit a wonderful-sounding place in Port Huron, the Raven Cafe. We went there and really liked it, plus we decided to order a strange-sounding coffee called Deadman's Reach. We loved it (naturally) and bought a 12-oz. bag of the beans. Well; we've been addicted (whoops; I mean hooked) on it ever since....”
—S. Levinson, New York, New York

“It was a dark and stormy night in the Yukon Bar on Front Street in Ketchikan. Outside it was just dark. The storm was raging and the barkeep offered to return my keys if I would just switch to coffee. WOW! Cawfee! Not sure which one it was but he said if I drank enough, the raven would guide me home. THE raven was - and is - with me. Is THE raven with you?”
—B. Bricton, Seattle, Washington

“I was googleing ‘cat poop’ coffee to prove to co-workers that such a thing existed and one of the links I found was Raven's Brew's Kopi Luwak page with the little gif of the guy pulling the cat's tail and filling his mug with "coffee". I figured that a company that sells coffee and has a sense of humor like that must be on to something and was worth trying out their products. I have been a loyal customer ever since and I have been taking your fine coffee with me around the world, as no other coffee will do.”
—D. Stevens, Houston, Texas

“Hello, So happy to have Ravens Brew come to my neighborhood! I have the convenience of having some AWESOME coffee just a few feet away from my front door! My family and I have been in the neighborhood of Bethany in the town of Red Boiling Springs, Tn for over 70 years now and have NEVER had great coffee before this cute little shop came along. Brings pizzaz and tasty coffee better than [name omitted], out here in the hills of TN! Cudos to small business and Ravens Brew!!!”
—K. Evans, Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee

“Hi I have been drinking Ravens Brew for several years now. I initially found it through Ray Troll since I am an avid fisherman. I like to have a big mug of dead mans reach before I hit the river. Now my family and I drink a majority of the different coffees. The only problem is that its difficult to get in Canada so we usually put together a big order to last a long time. All are fantastic brews!!! Keep up the great work.”
—L. Cosens, Dawson Creek,British Columbia

“Many many years ago while driving out of Ketchikan to my sister's place I saw the darndest thing - a small coffee roasting operation! I stopped, got a bag, talked to the lovely man operating the place on his own. The smell was so warm and toasty, I still remember it. It was one of the highlights of that particular visit to Ketchikan After returning to the lower 48, I noticed that the annual Christmas gift of home-smoked salmon and homemade huckleberry jam started to also include a bag of Raven's Brew (you notice that yours is the only commercial product my sister would deign to purchase as a holiday gift?) Usually Deadman's Reach. Yum! Oh, and also usually something like salad tongs shaped like salmon or bear paws, and something with a totem pole on it. You Alaskans... ANYWAY, yesterday I was cruising through my local Haggen supermarket in Bellingham when I saw an entire display of Raven's Brew. Looks like they are carrying all of your varieties! I grabbed a bag of Wicked Wolf, which I am drinking right now as I write to you. This is terrific! I no longer have to wait for Christmas! Love it Happy to see your wonderful coffee escape Alaska and start spreading to we warmer states.”
—S. McColloch, Bellingham, Washington

“Simple, really... a friend on Facebook posted the image of the Deadman's Reach coffee on his page and, being a fervent coffee lover, I looked up your website. I'm a nurse usually working 12 hour night shifts and my hubby drives an 18-wheeler... we decided to treat ourselves to a bag of Deadman's for Christmas as a special treat. But Oh. My. God. SO awesome we decided it's like a puppy, not just for Christmas but for EVER!! We're now currently the drooling owners of a 5lb bag, and once that runs out - we'll be back for more! Thank you for making this wonderful brew. We are SMITTEN. :)”
—S. Varner, Newark, Ohio

“My wife and I where on a Princess Cruise ship back in 2007 (we got married on the cruise) and stopped at Ketchican. We found your shop by following our noses. The smell was amazing. We bought a couple of bags of Deadmans reach and brought them home with us to Scotland. Glad we did as we can't get it over here. Our supply is now gone and so our quest to try and get some more is on!! Its like treasure hunting!”
—D. Rooke, Forres, Scotland

“While compiling a blog (which is now "lost" in cyper space) entitled northernexposuredoc, "the adventures of a family physician working 6 months on Annette Island at the Annette Island Service Unit ( AISU )in the City of Metlakatla for the Indian nation ( Tshimschian )"...... I was traveling the 17 miles via the Lituya Ferry on a regular basis, under the trusty helmsman ship of Cpt. Steve Booth, to Ketchikan to buy luxury items. I came across your Fantastic Coffee at the local establishments and fell in love with the Breakfast blend. I have been ordering it ever since my 6 month tour on Annette Island. I really miss the great people on Annette Island and the wonderful scenery....truly gods country...and the heavenly brew of Ravens Brew.....I have collected all of your t-shirts....Love them all!!! even this morning I awoke with a delicious cup of Morning [Breakfast] Blend...Pure Heaven!!!:):):):):)”
—Dr. C. Coster, Jasper, Georgia

“I am currently deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan. One of my co-workers was raving about your company and how awesome the coffee is. It only took one cup of "Three Pecker Billy Goat" and "Raven's Brew". I am sold and do not wish to drink any other coffee. I am amazed how fresh the coffe was when it arrived 8,000 miles away from WA. I am sold..... Thank you for shipping to APO addresses. That is awesome. God Bless.”
—M. Gutierrez, Kabul, Afghanistan

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