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Paul Schuster in his studio
In his studio
Paul Schuster in concert
In concert with Internal/External
Paul Schuster

Paul Schuster has been a composer/musician for 20 years and currently has a band Internal/External. He has recorded with Some Velvet Sidewalk, Justin Trosper, and also produced The Spells and Julie Ruin and toured with Miranda July.

His first Internal/External CD Featuring... began as a recording project in 1997. Once he had the songs composed, he invited his friends (including Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney, Calvin Johnson of the Halo Benders and Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill) to add their own lyrics and vocals. On his next CD, Inside Out, Paul handled all the music composition and execution and was joined by vocalist Rebecca Pearcy.

Internal/External Inside Out CD and Featuring... are on the K Records Label.


How much touring have you done and with whom?

PS:  I have gone on about ten tours over the years with Internal/External, P.E.Z., Some Velvet Sidewalk, and was the live music for Miranda July.

Tell us about the most “rock star” moment you experienced.

PS:  I would have to say doing hand claps on a recording with Adam Horvitz (AdRock) from the Beastie Boys on the Julie Ruin album. It was definitely a surreal moment!

Where did the name “Internal/External” come from?

PS:  It was about four in the a.m. and I just finished recording a song. I needed a name for my new project; I looked down at my Roland keyboard and saw the words internal/external. I liked the idea of each of us having an internal and external aspect to ourselves.

What have you been listening to recently?

PS:  Herbaliser, Jurasic 5, Morrissey, Cat Power.

If you could have written any song, what song do you wish you had written and why?

PS:  Whew this is a tough question. I guess I would have to say “Imagine” by John Lennon because it’s such a universal amazingly written song.

What are your current music projects?

PS:  I have a bunch of new songs which I’ve given to my label to see if they are interested in releasing a record for me. It is a mix of Internal/External and my singer/songwriter pieces. We’ll see!

Listen to the Music

From the Featuring... CD

Featuring... Album
  Candystriper 5 MB mp3

  Hope 4.7 MB mp3

  The Skin 5.4 MB mp3

From the Inside Out CD

Inside Out EP
  Various Transmission 4.7 MB mp3

  Sweetness Instrumental 5 MB mp3

Yet to be released

  Invent 3.3 MB mp3

New Smoke 5.1 MB mp3

Spin on the Hour 6.2 MB mp3

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