Malinal Estates Photo Tour

Touring Malinal

The astounding coffees of the tiny state of Nayarit in the Western Sierras of Mexico are rare gems in the coffee world. Grown in multi-crop conditions beneath the high canopy of a lush rainforest by small cooperatives, the plants are nearly all of the heirloom Typica variety.

Coffee trees in Malinal Rain forest
View of Malinal's Rain-forest/Coffee-forest

Aproaching Malinal
Aproaching the village of Malinal

coffee cherries
Ripe coffee cherries on a 100
year old coffee tree at Malinal

coffee dryng process
Raking the beans: sun-dried coffee
on the patios of Malinal

Younster asleep on coffee bags
Afternoon siesta

coffee tasting
Coffee bags ready to stitch shut

Malinal town square

Coffee cupping in Malinal
Michael Beech cupping at the
coffee source

These are simply some of the sweetest, richest coffees produced on this planet. The same may be said of the local people and their culture. It is these people and their coffee that draw us back every year eager to continue the Raven's Brew's relationship, including paying well above market prices in the interests of the sustainability of these communities and their incredible coffees.

young Mexican boy displays coffee
An aspiring young Cafetelero

Malinal logo for San Cristobal
Know the story of these coffees in greater detail by visiting We have been offering as our Relationship Coffee the trademarked El Malinal and Terruno Nayarit coffees for over a decade now.

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