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And the Poetry Contest Winners are...
First place: "Skookum in Twelve Lines" by Adam Byrn Tritt
Second place: "Bottoms Up" by Travis Naught
Third place: "Alike" by Jason Allen Revis
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Nestled in the village of Wilmington, Vermont stands one of Raven's Brew Coffee's most loyal cafés. Beanhead's has been serving our blissful brews for over eight years.

Cafe Spotlight
Ventero Open Press Fine Art event
Ventero Open Press Fine Art
“Ventero Open Press Fine Art is a non-profit located in San Luis, Colorado, the oldest town in Colorado.”

Cafe Spotlight
Heidi of Bird on a Wire
Bird on a Wire
“The Bird was born in 2002 (June 15th) and has been a little neighborhood gem ever since. I have been sooo lucky to have the support of my neighborhood here.”

Cafe Spotlight

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Craftsman Copper

James K. Davies of Craftsman Copper creates lighting in the style of the Arts and Crafts Movement.
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Eleven Eyes

Their jazz is not standard.  With their roots in jazz, funk, drum n’ bass, electronica, hip-hop, latin, dub, and improvisation, Eleven Eyes brings original sounds to the music scene.
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Paul Schuster

Paul Schuster has been a composer/musician for 20 years and currently has a band Internal/External. He has recorded with Some Velvet Sidewalk, Justin Trosper, and also produced The Spells and Julie Ruin and toured with Miranda July.
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Ray Troll

Ray "Rat Fish Ray" Troll: The Main Dude in this lineup—Raven's Brew's Master of Label Art.
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Evil Twins Publications

Evil Twin Publications was created in 1994 by identical twins Stacy Erin Forte and Amber Gayle as a platform for their zine and book projects.
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Michael Casalinuovo

Michael Casalinuovo: Boy Wonder and Poet Prodigy of California, Chiapas, Italy and some planets in between.
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Tracing Eight

Spiked with punk and pop. Hannah Raity is a Diva/Vocalist and songwriter.
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