Small Coffee Gift Sets

Organic Raven’s Brew Ha-Ha Coffee Set

Larga Dharma Beans Set $45.95/Set

Save the planet and achieve full enlightenment at home in your spare time! The coffees in this set are certified organic. A gift to your conscience and to all sentient beings, as well as your own loved ones. Contains four 12oz bags, one each, of organic Deadman's Reach®, organic Wicked Wolf®, organic Bruin Blend® and organic Three Peckered Billy Goat®. Packaged in a Raven's Brew shopping tote.

Raven’s Brew Ha-Ha Coffee Set

The House Blends Set $42.95

Four unique blends to satisfy most human urges. Beautiful to gaze upon as a gift too! Contains four 12oz bags, one each of Deadman's Reach, Wicked Wolf, Bruin Blend and Three Peckered Billy Goat. Packaged in a Raven's Brew shopping tote.

Raven’s Brew Coffee Sampler Set

Raven’s Brew’s proprietary blends are Unique in the coffee world, as well as quite Distinct one from the other. They are Designed, above all, to pander to the personality of the palate. This set is designed to help you find the blend to synchronize with your tastes and Impress Your Senses. Vive la difference! Explore them; Find Yourself.
1.75 oz each of Breakfast Blend, Deadman's Reach, Wicked Wolf, Three Peckered Billy Goat, Resurrection Blend® and Organic Dharma Beans®. Packaged as a gift.

Available in Whole Bean ONLY

$21.95/set   Quantity

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